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Current Retractable Syringes

There are two major types of syringes with safety features used at the hospitals:

  1. Syringe with protective shield
  2. Syringe with retractable needle

In compliance with the FDA safety guidelines, the retractable needle safety syringe has been more predominantly accepted, compared to the safety shield syringe by the healthcare providers to replace conventional syringes³.

The retractable needle safety syringes can be classified into two types:

  1. Automatic-retractable syringes
  2. Manual-retractable syringes

Recommended Safety Syringes
UniqSafe Retractable Safety Syringe

Automatic-retractable syringes

The automatic retractable syringe requires single-handed operation to engage the unit by depressing the plunger into the base of the barrel, thereby inducing automatic needle retraction. Though ideal for FDA-compliant safety purpose, the complicated nature of the design and manufacturing process warrant a higher cost of the device.

Accidental disengagement of needle is commonplace, thereby adding to waste of resources and cost. Application of adequate force to depress the plunger to the base of the barrel, thereby inducing automatic needle retraction, has been problematic for healthcare professionals.

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Manual-retractable syringes

For the manual retractable type of safety syringes, it is required that the head of the plunger be engaged with the hub and the users two-handedly retract the needle into the barrel and snap off the plunger. This type of syringe is essentially identical to the conventional syringe and is cost effective.

It often requires a dead space be spared to avoid early or accidental engagement of lock mechanism prior to administrations. This technical limitation prohibits the accurate measurement of viral volume, thereby potentially affecting the quality of injections.

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Recommended Safety Syringes

Axel Bio Corporation (ABCorp) is dedicated to providing quality- and cost-competitive FDA-compliant retractable safety syringes to the healthcare providers. Based on the mentioned shortfalls of existing safety syringes, ABCorp has thoroughly evaluated various brands of the syringes in the market using the mentioned criteria. We have identified a unique type of manually retractable safety syringe, UniqSafe Retractable Safety Syringe, which is able to effectively prevent potential needlesticks during administration.

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UniqSafe Retractable Safety Syringe

This is a new type of retractable safety syringe, which was recently invented and has become available in 2005.

By taking advantage of a unique integrated safety feature utilizing rotation and its cost effectiveness for high-volume automated production, this attractive device is expected to receive easy acceptance by majority of the hospitals both in the US and other regions of the world (click here to see more detail).

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